We create statement footwear that is sophisticated in design and comfortable to wear. Our specialty is flats and low-heeled shoes that are artsy, edgy, and eclectic with an unexpected twist.

If you love vibrant colors, bold patterns and textured animal prints, you've come to the right place!


The Gena Penn shoe brand is named after my loving mother and sister, two women whose strength, imagination and support have inspired me throughout my life. My mother endured a life-threatening illness that challenged my resolve and transformed my priorities and life perspective. Life is too short not to pursue it with passion.

My mom inspired me to pursue my lifelong passion for shoes. And we began this amazing journey in 2022.


The bold, bright colors are reminiscent of my mother’s personality and style. The names of the three inaugural collections represent my family and my journey through the ups and downs of caring for our matriarch: The Promise, The Tribe and The Journey.


A classy woman who worked hard to provide the best for her children, my mother has always appreciated good quality, craftsmanship and thoughtful design. That’s why a brand carrying her name had to include the highest-quality master shoe designers and manufacturers. I found that in Le Marche, Italy. And the rest is herstory.

I hope you buy a pair for yourself, a loved one or a friend—and that they bring you as much joy as I had creating them.

With appreciation,
S. Hernandez
Chief Creative Officer

Our shoes are fashionable, comfortable investment pieces that don't cost an arm and a leg.

We juxtapose timeless design with bold colors, animal prints, and functional details. We create artistic beauties without ever sacrificing comfort. Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans. The handcrafting and the materials are state-of-the-art.

Our flats feature a royal blue insole, Gena Penn's favorite color, and a reminder to step into your dreams — no matter the age or stage of your life.

Our women shoes are crafted in Le Marche, Italy — also known as “The Shoe Valley,” and — home to rich shoemaking tradition since 1901. All shoes are of the best quality and handcrafted by a network of selected Italian artisans. Learn about how the Italian shoemaking process used to make our women's shoes.

Our shoes are created using pristine Italian leather or suede, and in some cases organic canvas is available, too. We also use special materials, prints, limited edition textiles, and cruelty-free vegan leather. Learn more about the materials we use for making our women's shoes.

The Gena Penn shoes run 95% true to size. Chat via the web app or email us at support@genapenn.com if you need help selecting your size.

Flats & Boots
US women's sizes 6-10.5.

Nia: US women's sizes 6-10.5 & men's 7-13.5.
Evelyn: US women's sizes 6-14.
Kwamme: US women's sizes 6-10.5

We plan to expand our size offerings in the future.


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Email us at support@genapenn.com.